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by Jack Walters

ISBN: 0595363288 (Paperback)
Pages: 416

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LAGUNA is the biography of PAUL LIR ALEXANDER. He authorized the author to write his story while they were cell mates at the federal detention center in Miami in 1995.

Who is PAUL LIR ALEXANDER? His name is virtually unknown in the USA. In Brasil, he is a living legend. The people of Brasil know him as:

"O barao da cocaina"

The English translation of this phrase is:

"The Baron of Cocaine"

PAUL LIR ALEXANDER was born on July 27, 1956, in Laguna, Santa Catarina, Brasil. He was the son of an unwed mother. His life began in abject poverty in a small fishing village. By the time he was 33 years old, he had amassed a fortune in excess of $100 million. His assets included a $25 million dollar custom-built yacht, a $3.5 million dollar home in Rio de Janeiro, a 64,000 acre ranch in rural Brasil and a Hawker Sidley corporate jet.

He is a fascinating man who led three lives. His first life was a 20-year career with the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency. Joining the agency at age 17, he became one of their best terrorist catchers and a master strategist at planning assassinations. Just a story of this life would fill a riveting book. Steven Spielberg's movie Munich includes the assassination of a woman terrorist code-named "Jeanette." Paul was part of this operation.

His second life came about when the Mossad permanently stationed him in Brasil. It bought a small entertainment company for him as a "cover" for his intelligence work with the Mossad. Alexander applied his considerable talents to turn it into a multi-hundred million dollar success story. He discovered an unknown 18 year-old female singer. He started her out as a children's show performer. She evolved into an adult performer. She is now XUXA - "the Madonna of Brasil," who was recently chosen to play the part of Lucy in the Brazilian remake of the television part Lucille Ball made famous in the long-running television hit "I Love Lucy." Alexander also developed several other super stars in Brasil.

His association with the Mossad also led him to his third life. Lt. Col. Oliver North "borrowed" him from the Mossad to help the Contras in their war against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. While in the employ of Lt. Col. Oliver North, Alexander became involved with a clique of CIA agents (Air America, the Phoenix Program, etc.) who were obtaining cocaine from Pablo Escobar through General Manuel Noriega and smuggling it into the USA for sale to street gangs on the East and West Coast. His CIA-sponsored drug dealing career lasted from 1982 until his arrest at Miami International Airport in April,1993. At the time of his arrest, he was collecting a $1 million fee each year from the CIA in his capacity as anti-terrorist consultant. He was also in the process of raising $350 million to purchase the Manchete national television network in Brasil. He was on his way to becoming a billionaire before he was 40 years old.

During his time in the drug business, Alexander was the transportation expert responsible for the importation of cocaine with an estimated street value between $6 billion and $10 billion into the USA from Brasil. He used a very ingenious method to hide the cocaine in large Siemens generators. He brought in 3,600 kilograms of cocaine a month to the Port of Miami using this method.

Even after his arrest, Alexander pulled off miracles no one thought were possible. Clearly one importing billions of dollars worth of cocaine into the USA would be classified as a Drug Kingpin. The normal sentence for such a high-level criminal would be the death penalty or life in prison without parole, to be served in some super-maximum-security prison.

Through adroit legal moves, Alexander got himself declared a small-time individual importer of drugs. His initial sentence was 22 years in prison. Alexander then approached the US Marshal's Service in Miami. He offered to capture their twelve most wanted international fugitives (Not to be confused with the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted List.") The US Marshal's Service reluctantly gave Alexander the list. They doubted that anything would come of it.