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"Giving You The Truth The Government Does Not Want You To See Or Know."

Welcome, readers, to the most controversial web site on the internet. In a democracy, we all assume that we have freedom of speech. When I became an author, I found out differently. When I started the book Laguna about CIA involvement in drug dealing, a US probation officer in Conroe, Texas, talked to me.

She seemed to know more about my book than I did. When the subject of CIA involvement in drug dealing came up, she commented: "Oh, yeah, that's old business. We know all about that."

She then proceeded to tell me to turn over each chapter of the book as I wrote it for censorship by a panel of US government employees before I submitted it to a literary agent or publisher. Oddly, she said nothing about turning over information from the book for investigation by the FBI or US Marshals Service. I fled to the San Francisco Bay area. A US District judge in Houston issued a warrant for my arrest charging me with contempt of court. What followed was a 25-month game of cat and mouse pitting me against an elite strike force of six US Marshals in San Jose and San Francisco, California. Despite the fact that I was charged with no crime, I became "the most wanted man in the Bay area."

When I was captured, a ferocious court battle followed with the forces of Freedom of Speech on my side. I eventually was sentenced to six months day for day in county jail. At the end of the process, the US government had spent $250,000 of the taxpayers' money to silence me. After I got out of jail, publishers were terrified of my book and would not touch it. They feared retribution from the government in the form of harassment or lawsuits. They also feared violent retaliation from sinister international organized crime elements.

I saw that truth is to the dark world as the cross is to Count Dracula. I have always believed that one person can make a difference. I decided to make that difference by forming Forbidden Books,cc. Our company is a highly-professional organization that offers the public high-quality books showing them the truth the government does not want them to hear. My real inspiration was Chris Carter, the man behind the X-Files. I created an organization in the genre of the X-Files. I want the reader to get class products from us that do not insult their intelligence. While I am giving you, the reader, the truth, I want to entertain you, make you laugh, and make you think.

Our first two selections for your reading pleasure are Laguna and How To Steal A Million Dollars And live Happily Ever After. To learn more about these very special and fascinating books, please click the icons below.


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